How I completely uninstall android studio from my Macbook Pro


Recently I downloaded android studio on my Macbook Pro and I messed up with it every time I can not run emulator gave me some error like HXAM is lost so I decided to remove the whole android studio and re install it by following way at my mac book pro.


I executed those command form my terminal

rm -Rf /Applications/Android\
rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/AndroidStudio*
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm -Rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Logs/AndroidStudio*
rm -Rf ~/Library/Caches/AndroidStudio*

I deleted all projects from following command:

rm -Rf ~/AndroidStudioProjects

to remove gradle related files (caches & wrapper) I follow

rm -Rf ~/.gradle

Using the below command to delete all Android Virtual Devices(AVDs) and *.keystore. note: this folder is used by others Android IDE as well, so be careful if we use other IDE we will not remove this folder

rm -Rf ~/.android

to deleting Android SDK tools

rm -Rf ~/Library/Android*

Common routine for web designer


The common routine requires the following main steps:

  • Step 1: understand the theme and the topics of the website and decode the client’s requests
  • Step 2: choose the right style and sketch your ideas
  • Step 3: draw a clean and clear wireframe to summarize the structure of the website
  • Step 4: design the website (in pixels) through an image editor, like Photoshop, to create a real-scale mockup
  • Step 5: convert your psd mockup to HTML and CSS

Five macro-steps to build an effective website using brain, pencil, paper, Photoshop, HTML and CSS. But technology doesn’t stop, luckily, and we have other two great allies for the future to design better website: HTML5 and CSS3.